159.515 SE Workshop 3 | W | 2SWS | 2ECTS | Bachelor


Dipl.-Ing. Hatice Cody

What contribution can architecture make to the problems of the energy crisis, urban overheating and global warming?

In this workshop, students will learn how to develop these solutions in a virtual environment during the design process. In addition to learning the basics of 3D modeling in Rhino, students will learn Visual Scripting with Grasshopper, climate analysis with Ladybug, daylighting simulation with Honeybee, and thermodynamic simulations with Honeybee/EnergyPlus.

A simple design task is used to examine the impact of design decisions on the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of a building. It becomes clear how the architectural parameters of orientation, form, geometry and material can influence the energy performance of a building.


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SE Workshop 3