Noise and Vibration of Electric Drives: Space-Time Boundary Element Formulations

This research project is a part of the Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) Computational Electric Machine Laboratory. In this first German-Austrian Transregio CRC, research groups from TU Darmstadt, JKU Linz, and TU Graz want to achieve a paradigm shift in the design and development of electrical machines.

Noise and vibration (NVH) of electric drives is one of the design criteria for effective modern designs. Due to the broad band of exciting frequencies a time domain formulation for the simulation of structural vibrations and sound will be developed. The focus of the project will be on the efficient realisation of an IGA based boundary element method in time-domain, including variable time step sizes (generalized convolution quadrature method) and data sparse representations (generalized adaptive cross approximation) with respect to the spatial and temporal variables.

Project summary

Main topics

  • Simulation of noise and vibration with time domain BEM
  • Fast and data sparse method for optimization criterion NVH
  • Allows a broad-band simulation of electrical machines

Challenges and approach

  • Improvement of gCQ: Optimization of integration contour, adaptivity
  • Fast and data sparse BEM in time domain: 3D-ACA, model order reduction (frequency)
  • IGA based high-order BEM in space and time
  • Methodology for acoustics (noise) and elastodynamics (vibrations)