Education at the Institut of Urbanism

Key competence DESIGN and the supporting knowledge fields


Grand Graz (c)Institut für Städtebau


To support the KERNKOMPETENZ DESIGN, the Institute of Urbanism pursues the goal of teaching in the bachelor and master studies in architecture. Our goal specifically is on the one hand to make the meaning of the individual object aware of the context, the possible need for urban desigmspecifications for individual objects and, on the other hand to understand complex interrelations between city space and it's further development. That is to say, the development of economy, society and it's underlying ideas, legality and finally the basic skills to solve urban problems and to accomplish tasks in the local spatial planning convey. The Institute of Urbanism is a cross-sectional sector which has to impart knowledge from a wide range of disciplines - ie. from social sciences, technical fields to digital methods and the expansion of design expertise. As a result, the Institute of Urbanism offers a wide range of courses - for teaching basic knowledge in the bachelor's program and intensive courses withspecialised content in the Master's program.The final master's thesis deals mainly with current urban development issues, either in the form of urban planning concepts, drafts of different scales or scientific analysis and reflections.