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Laboratory for psychoacoustics in transportation

For the realization of acoustic listening tests and research in the traffic environment, the institute possesses one specifically for this application adapted laboratory. The laboratory consists of a monitoring room and a via window connected acoustical dead room. The acoustical dead room (according to EBU Tech. 3276, ITU-R BS. 775 und ITU-R BS. 1116-1) allows to simulate free-field sound conditions and to perform hearing tests realistically under laboratory conditions.

Facilities of the laboratory

  • Devices for conducting hearing tests and measuring of subjective and physiological data (e.g. hand-dynamometer)

  • Two digital binaural artificial heads (HEAD acoustics® - HSU III.2)

  • Mobile recording and playback system (HEAD acoustics® - SQuadriga II)

  • Analysis software for the entire range of the signal, noise and vibration analysis (HEAD acoustics® - ArtemiS Suite)

  • Manual Sound Level Meter (Larson-Davis 824)

  • Actigraph with heart rate chest strap (Actigraph, LLC - wActiSleep-BT)

Measuring Devices for Traffic Analysis

  • Measurement trailer with a mast (12m high) including the video detection system Autoscope SoloPro for traffic data measurements (volume, density, speed)

  • 2 mobile video detection systems Autoscope SoloPro for traffic data measurements

  • Automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) with 8 detection cameras (4 cameras of type PIPS Technology P362, 4 cameras of type PIPS Technology P372)

  • 10 GPS data logger QSTARZ BT-Q1000eX for recording driving cycles and speed distributions

  • 2 high-precision GPS data logger for recording driving dynmics (1 Racelogic VideoBOX with video detection, 1 Racelogic VBOX3i with acceleration sensor)

  • 2 traffic detection devices Sierzega SR4 for local traffic measurements

  • 1 laser measurement system Riegl FG21-P for speed detection

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