Open Lab 2019

On November 14, 2019, an Open Lab once again took place at the Institute of Automation and Control. Current research topics at the institute, bachelor and master theses topics, and live demos of lab experiments were shown. The following pictures give an impression of the event.

Jakob Ludwiger explains the ins and outs of a factory robot of the 'GRIPS' Robocup logistic league team
Using the trucks of the autonomous driving testbed, Jasmina Zubača and Raffael Wallner show how inter-vehicle distance is maintained in a platooning scenario
Students test the resilience of the quadrotor experiment presented by Katarina Stanojević to external influences
Maximilian Wetzlinger explains the optical position measurement of the magnetic levitation experiment
Stefan Koch presents a poster on the temperature control for silicon wafers in a spin-clean process
Markus Reichhartinger shows the steer-by-wire testbed to a younger participant, who steers towards a
potential future in the field of control engineering
Marijan Palmisano explains the use of the quarter-car lab experiment for studying semi-active damping
of wheel suspensions in cars
Raphael Wutte clarifies the seemingly complicated wiring of the hydraulics testbed and discusses its
use in teaching and research


Live Demos

Stefan Koch
Jakob Ludwiger
Marijan Palmisano
Markus Reichhartinger
Tobias Renzler
Katarina Stanojević
Raffael Wallner
Maximilian Wetzlinger
Raphael Wutte
Jasmina Zubača


Alexandra Doczy
Roland Falkensteiner
Valentin Kaisermayer
Eveline Paulitsch
Josef Pucher



Roland Falkensteiner
Richard Seeber
Jasmina Zubača


Ismael Castillo
Selma Čeliković
Roland Falkensteiner
Stefan Hölzl
Valentin Kaisermayer
Stefan Koch
Richard Seeber
Martin Steinberger
Thomas Zeiringer


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