• Patrick Weber - Synthesis and biogical evaluation of highly functionalised aminocyclopentanes for medical applications 
  • Andreas Wolfgruber - Synthesis of Iminosugar Based Glycomimetics for Activity Based Protein Profiling of Carbohydrate Processing Enzymes



  • Herwig Prasch - Design and synthesis of Iminosugar-Based Probes for Investigation of Ligand-Directed Chemistry of ß-Glucosidases
  • Tobias Dorn - Synthesis of C-glycosly type sugar-amino acid blocks for "on surface" glycopetides fabrication
  • Tadeja Katan - Chitosan and polyvinylidene fluoride thin films for solid phase peptide synthesis
  • Melina Much - Materials for Additive Manufacturing and Molding of Biomimetic Aorta Models
  • Stefan Schwaiger- Synthesis of Alkyne Functionalized Carbohydrate Building Blocks in the D-manno Configuration for the Modification of Cellulose
  • Britt Van Ostaeyen (Erasmus student from KU Leuven)
  • Melanie Zündel - Synthesis of iminosugar based glycomimetics for glycosidase profiling
  • Maximilian Novak - 3D printing, stabilization, and characterization of nanofibrillated cellulose-alginate scaffolds
  • Manuel Ebner - Synthesis of iminosugar based probes as potential inhibitors for glycoside processing enzymes
  • André Culum - Synthesis of glycomimetics as probes for activity based protein profiling
  • Paola Šurina (Erasmus student) - Optimization and in-depth analysis of alginate nanocellulose hydrogels for 3D printing of vascular and integumentary systems


  • Oliver Pirschl
  • Christoph Mandl
  • Philipp Loibner
  • David Illek
  • Manfred Böhmer
  • Caroline Meixner
  • Iris Sara Etzinger
  • Ludwig Loidl
  • Gernot Neun
  • Julian Ruhri
  • Dzenita Mujic