• Synthesis of small molecules as well as biobased Systems is offered to external institutions
  • Conditions and contract on request; please contact the Institute

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Bio Polymer based systems and surfaces - preparation and characterization:

  • Nano particles by different approaches
  • Thin film coatings, micro- and nano-patterning
  • Films for barrier and packaging           
  • Textile and technical fibres
  • Composites with organic/inorganic materials
  • Coatings and adsorption processes
  • Surface morphology and mechanical properties
  • Surface interactions and charges
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We develop and 3D print your materials:

  • Areas: Catalysis, Microfluidics, Tissue Engineering, Implants, Food, Energy.
  • Multi materials prints with up to four materials simultaneously in x-y-z at 50 µm resolutions.
  • Ceramic / polymer pastes and dispersions and solutions printed with 150 µm resolution.
  • Thermoplastic extrusion with 50 µm resolution and melting temperatures up to 250 °C.
  • Melt electrowriting with fiber diameter 50 µm, melting temperatures 190 °C.
  • Custom-designed 3D prints with a built volume up to 1000 cm3.

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Quartz crystal microbalance studies:

  • Surface adsorption / desorption / degradation of polymers
  • Interaction of proteins and cells with surfaces e.g. blood clotting
  • Electrochemical - electrode redox processes, deposition and corrosion of coatings
  • Monitoring surface UV-vis curing
  • Combination with surface fluorescence measurements
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