Christiane Mellak, Josef Deuringer and Annette Muetze Impact of Aspect Ratios of Solid Rotor, Large Air Gap Induction Motors on Run-Up Time and Energy Input
Peter Gangl, Stefan Köthe, Christiane Mellak, Alessio Cesarano and Annette Mütze Multi-objective free-form shape optimization of a synchronous reluctance machine
David Auer, Stefan Leitner and Annette Muetze PCB-Motoren für Kleinstantriebe in kleinen Lüfteranwendungen
Felix Krall and Annette Muetze Analysis of different stator winding topologies for fractional horse power brushless direct current motors
Katharina Neges Wahrheitstheorie: Rechtfertigung statt WahrheitHandbuch Richard Rorty1-19
Sandra Schön, Clarissa Braun, Katharina Hohla, Annette Muetze and Martin Ebner The ReDesign Canvas as a tool for the didactic-methodological redesign of courses and a case study Proceedings of EdMedia + Innovate Learning 1049-1055
Thomas Langbauer, Alexander Connaughton, Martin Scheffauer, Franz Vollmaier, Ying Pang and Klaus Krischan Inductor Current Envelope Based TCM/ZVS Operation of a High Switching Frequency Single-Phase AC/DC Converter 2022 IEEE 7th Southern Power Electronics Conference (SPEC) 1-6
Daniel Neuner Model Predictive Control for Electric Drives
Johann Peter Bacher and Annette Muetze The Effects of the Damper Winding and the Eddy Currents in the Solid-Rotor of an Inverter-Fed Turbo Generator
Nejat Saed, Stefan Leitner, Felix Krall and Annette Muetze Noise and vibration characteristics of sub-fractional horsepower single-phase BLDC drives

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