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The city of Graz is currently carrying out a preparatory process in order to determine the contents of a potential architectural competition for a spatial design of Griesplatz.
Participatory elements, town planning considerations as well as extensive research activities will be developed in this process. The Graz University of Technology is a partner in the research process which will stretch for over three semesters starting in autumn, 2015. In a total of three phases, interdisciplinary basics as well as trendsetting architectural projects will be compiled.
The project content will be developed based on available resources in the district of Gries (material, social or cultural) in the core area of Griesplatz and Griesgasse. By means of impulse events and surveys on site, the population will be integrated into this process from the beginning.

2015 – 2017

City of Graz

Institute of Housing: Andreas Lichtblau

Institute of Housing, TU Graz
Stadtbaudirektion Graz