Heimo Halbrainer/Eva Klein/Antje Senarclens de Grancy

Graz: CLIO, 2016
German, 160 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-902542-25-0
EUR 24,00

Designed by Herbert Eichholzer in 1937 as a modern Gesamtkunstwerk and place of “liberated living”, the house at Hilmteichstrasse 24 in Graz was fitted with tubular furniture and fabrics by Josef Frank. In the living room, Axl Leskoschek created a large-format mural with encrypted contents and references to the political situation of the time. The house served as a meeting point for a circle of artists and intellectuals who, in their opposition to Nazism, put their freedom at stake and – in Eichholzer’s case – paid for it with their lives. Following a series of conversions and renovations, the original architectonic and artistic appearance of the house is now barely recognisable. To mark its forthcoming demolition, this book seeks to unveil the building’s architectural, artistic and historical significance.