Endogenes Entwerfen. Qualitative Forsching in der Architektur - ein kulturanthropologisch-architektonisches Studienprojekt zur Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung von Kapfenberg
Manfred Omahna/Franziska Schruth (eds.)
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technolgy, 2016
German, 155 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-85125-437-2
EUR 35.00

This anthology presents a new point of access to regional and municipal development. On the basis of ethnographic methods, user-oriented projects - so-called "theory-guided projects" - have been created to revive the city center of the Austrian town of Kapfenberg. In three project studies, the authors developed, in collaboration with students of cultural anthropology and architecture, methodologically sound results and realistic strategies of implementation. The intention rested in associating complex spatial analyses of qualitative research with the practice of project development in an architecture context. In general, qualitative methods were explored as an instrument for architects - for only one´s own empirical experiences can result in translatable conclusions! The collaboration with cultural anthropologists was therefore vital because they are experts on this method and have informed important themes, research fields, and methodological approaches. Surveying the reserves of a place using scientific methods and using them for future-oriented design tasks represents an urgent research desideratum. For this reason, the book unites scientific, cultural anthropological analyses with architectural project development.

Manfred Omahna is an architect and cultural anthropologist who works as a university assistant in the Institute of Urban and Architectural History.
Franziska Schruth is a lecturer there as well.