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GAD Awards 21 | digital award ceremony


The Faculty of Architecture of the Graz University of Technology invites you to The Graz Architecture Diploma Awards 2021. All nominated diploma projects are presented on the website of the GAD Awards 21 making the work digitally accessible to the general public. This also makes it possible to...

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ONLINE - Einführungsveranstaltungen: Projektübung, Entwerfen 1 + 3


The courses Integral Design Studio, Design 1 & Design 3 are offered at TU Graz at different architecture institutes. At the introductory events, there is the opportunity to get to know the teachers as well as the respective topics that will be the focus of the semester before the start of the...

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Online Symposium | Where City and Territory Meet…


Crises have influenced the formation of urbanism as a discipline, just as much as they have had effects on the development of different urbanistic movements. The current situation once again has confronted us with the fragility of our built environments - and thereby has evoked calls for a...

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Ausstellung | Semmering. Land, Property, and Commons


Milica Tomić, and two students from IZK, TU Graz, Anastasiia Kutsova and Abdelrahman Elbashir will take part in the group exhibition, Semmering-- Land, Property and Commons, curated by Hedwig Saxenhuber. The exhibition deals with the transformation of nature, in particular, the images and...

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Ausstellung | aussichts[punkt]


Im Sommersemester 2021 beschäftigte sich die Lehrveranstaltung "Entwerfen spezialisierter Themen" am Institut für Architektur und Medien an der TU Graz mit der Thematik "design to production" – vom Entwurf, über die parametrisierte Detailierung, bis hin zur Umsetzung eines realen Bauprojekts. Unter...

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Summer School | from design to production


Die Lehrveranstaltung (Summer School) „FROM DESIGN TO PRODUCTION“ versteht sich als ein 1:1 Entwerfen, welches kompakt und geblockt in zwei Abschnitten im Sommer 2021 abgehalten wird. Ziel ist der Entwurf und die Realisierung eines Fahrrad-Rastplatzes am Ennsradweg – R7 in der Gemeinde...

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Fallowscapes. Territorial Reconfiguration Strategies


The recognition of the existing in all its dimensions, including the void, the neutralized or the conflicting, the time, the flows, or the out of field. Metabolizing the in-visible aims to install a dialectic between Hard and Soft to open new perspectives. Through the tension between sensitive...

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Ausstellung | Algen in der Architektur


Die Ausstellung "Application of Alganite in Architecture ALG.A" ist ein experimenteller Annsatz eines neuartigen, lokal verfügbaren nachhaltigen Baumaterials und entstand im Rahmen eines SFB Forschungsprojekts und der Masterarbeit von Ivan Marjanović, betreut durch Milena Stavrić (Institut für...

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Am KOEN zu Gast: Martina Legat


Thursday, June 17, 2021 | 9am Online via Webex Lecture and discussion about work and design of Martina Legat (LEGAT Architektur ZT) Host: Wolfgang List