verMESSEN. Franziszeische Grundkataster von Graz
Archiv und Bibliothek der TU Graz 3
Bernhard Reismann/Elisabeth Seuschek/Marion Starzacher/Ramona Winkler (eds.)
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technology, 2013
German, 94 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-9-85125-274-3
EUR 42.00

Embedded in an exciting, interdisciplinary discourse between historians, art historians, geodesists, and architects, in this book the The Land Register Of Francis I of the City of Graz (the original map of 1820) is juxtaposed with the complete resurveying of the same region (dated 1829) in direct comparison for the first time. The so-called Zweitaufmaß (second survey) of 1829 was a special case considering that, as per our knowledge today, during the second land survey no other known complete second survey was undertaken of another Habsburg monarchy crownland. Besides the exhibits shown in the exhibition verMESSEN: Franziszeische Grundkataster von Graz, which was initiated at GrazMuseum as a prelude to the public presentation of the first research findings on the FranziszeischeKataster in Graz, the research project “verMESSEN” seeks to publish work by students from current classes in the Faculty of Architecture, as well as excerpts from the Estate of Franz Allmer, personal reflections on his work, and scholarly contributions written by participants in the panel discussion “vermessen, verwalten, versteuern” (surveying, administrating, taxing).

Bernhard Reismann is the director of the archive at Graz University of Technology.
Marion Starzacher, Elisabeth Seuschek, and Ramona Winkler are the founding members of the ARCHelmoma initiative and teach/study at Graz University of Technology.