Raum _atmosphärische Informationen. Architektur und Wahrnehmung
Irmgard Frank (ed.)
Zurich: Park Books, 2015
German, 208 pages, hardcover
206 color and 98 b/w illustrations, graphics, and plans
ISBN 978-3-906027-95-1
EUR 48.00

Architecture can be viewed from diverse perspectives while taking many different aspects into consideration. However, it is rare that questions arise as to the atmospheric substance of a building or room. How do room users experience their immediate environment? And which “character,” which special qualities, does a building or the rooms within it have? Irmgard Frank from the Institute of Spatial Design at Graz University of Technology discusses the question of how and in which ways architectural space constitutes and becomes operative in terms of quality, nature, and atmosphere. The focus here is on the issue of translation into an architectural context, a process that is always closely tied to specific spatial concepts. Arranged in three chapters devoted to space, material, and light, the book presents text contributions and project analyses that each conclude with an “atmospheric seismograph.”
With contributions by Matthias Burghardt, Irmgard Frank, Claudia Gerhäusser, Franziska Hederer, Albert Kirchengast, Margaret Maile Petty, Paul Pritz, Birgit Schulz, and Martina Tritthart.

Irmgard Frank is an architect and designer who has served as professor for interior design and design at Graz University of Technology since 1998.