High Density & Living Comfort. Requirements of Dense Housing Areas
Roger Riewe/Ferdinand Oswald (eds.)
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technology, 2014
English, 156 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-85125-377-1
EUR 18.00

The publication High Density & Living Comfort examines the quality of life in urban Asia in terms of its dense housing structures. Ideas for future developments are presented and discussed by leading international experts. This Asian phenomenon is approached by utilizing a differentiated methodology drafting each of the various development levels and dimensions; the issue of Asian dense urban and settlement structures is investigated on the macro, meso and micro level.
With contributions by Pascal Berger (Academic Director of the University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Study Centre), Stefan Krummeck (Principal Director TFP FARRELLS, Hong Kong), Ada Fung (JP, Deputy Director of Hong Kong Housing Authority), Gary Chang (CEO EDGE Design Institute Ltd., Hong Kong), Stefan Holst (Director of Transsolar Klima Engineering, Munich, Germany), Stefan Beck (Chief Architect and CEO of IGP Concept AG, Germany), Nirmal Kishnani (Editor-in-Chief of the FuturArc journal and National University of Singapore), Heng Chye Kiang (Prof. National University of Singapore), Brian Cody (Prof. Graz University of Technology, Austria), and Marina Stankovic (Stankovic Architekten and Prof. HTWK Leipzig, Germany).

Roger Riewe is professor of building construction and design at the Institute of Architecture Technology at Graz University of Technology. Ferdinand Oswald is project assistant at the same institute.