Bewilligungsvoraussetzungen für alternative Energieerzeugungsanlagen in Österreich
Georg Eisenberger/Martina Steineder
Vienna: Linde, 2011
German/English, 264 pages, paperback
ISBN: 978-3-7073-1942-2
EUR 58.00

According to plans drafted by both international and Austrian politicians, electricity generated by water, wind, sun and biomass is meant to replace nuclear energy, coal, petroleum, and natural gas wherever possible in the coming decades. Yet prior to establishing alternative power-generation equipment, these new systems are subjected to approval procedures that can prove very arduous at times. The approval prerequisites differ depending on the Austrian province in question, but also on the type and size of facility. Both legislation and law practice differ in the various provinces. The resulting legal uncertainty lays unnecessary obstacles in the path of the essential shift to alternative energy creation. The book´s authors, who count among Austria´s leading experts on environmental law, attempt to counter this trend with their easily comprehensible outline of approval prerequisites for alternative energy facilities in Austria.
All content of the book is written in both German and English so as to enable foreign investors to understand the legal parameters for alternative energy facilities in Austria.