Aquatopia. Das Kinder-Forschungs-U-Boot
Daniela Brasil de Souza e Alemeida Simoes/Verein Kinderbüro
Annual Journal 2014/15
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technology, 2014
German, 189 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-85125-319-1

Do you know where our tap water comes from? And where it goes when it leaves our homes? Have you noticed how much plastic waste is floating around in our oceans? And do you know that it’s connected to the huge amount of plastic bottles, plastic bags, and packaging that we use in our daily lives?
Aquatopia is a research submarine that investigates these issues in order to find out how we can design a better way of living in this world. In this calendar you can find out how the submarine was built, in which wharfs it docked, which adventures it went on, and who was on board during its journey. The crew observed, documented, and discussed our daily usage of water and the related wastewater and garbage production, while traveling through water pipes, canals and reservoirs, rivers and lakes, water bottles and bathtubs. Furthermore, between these calendar pages, which will help you navigate the school year, you can find fun and interesting ideas for researching the themes of water, plastic, and garbage on your own.

Daniela Brasil de Souza e Almeida Simoes is a research and teaching associate in the Institute of Contemporary Art at Graz University of Technology.