architektur + analyse 8:
Topographie des Widerstands in der Steiermark 1938–1945: Eine Ausstellung

Daniel Gethmann, Waltraud P. Indrist (eds.)
Jovis, January 2022
German, 176 pages, softcover
ISBN: 978-3-86859-722-6
EUR 30.00

For the 75th anniversary of Austria's liberation from the Nazi regime, teachers and students at the Institute of Architectural Theory, Art History and Cultural Studies at Graz University of Technology spent a semester conducting intensive research on the history of resistance to National Socialism in Styria. Employing tools of forensic architecture, four selected case studies—in Deutschlandsberg, Leoben, Eisenerz and Graz—form the starting point of the extensive research. The new insights based on the results of the archive inquiries were presented in an exhibition in public spaces of each city in the summer of 2020, including 3D visualizations, plan representations, diagrams and graphs. The publication at hand documenting the four exhibitions compiles research and design results, alongside with contributions by relevant scholars who categorize and contextualize the case studies within national and international academic discourse.

With contributions by Janika Döhr, Lisa-Marie Dorfleitner, Ema Drnda, Florian Eichelberger, Christian Fleck, Flora Flucher, Max Florian Frühwirth, Daniel Gethmann, Nicole-Melanie Goll, Heimo Halbrainer, Georg Hoffmann, Matthias Hölbling, Thomas Hönigmann, Waltraud P. Indrist, Thomas Lienhart, Lung Peng, Anna Sachsenhofer, Alice Steiner, Milan Sušić, Katharina Url, Viktoriya Yeretska, Armin Zepic

The graphic design of this volume is by SOYBOT—Marie Fegerl, Gerhard Jordan.

This publication and exhibition was supported by:
State Government of Styria – Science and Research
Future Fund of the Republic of Austria
Faculty of Architecture, TU Graz
Institute of Architectural Theory, Art History and Cultural Studies, TU Graz
City of Graz – Department of Cultural Affairs,
City of Deutschlandsberg
City of Eisenerz
City of Leoben
Arbeitsgemeinschaft der politisch Verfolgten (KZ-Verband – Landesverband Steiermark der österreichischen AntifaschistInnen, WiderstandskämpferInnen und Opfer des Faschismus, ÖVP-Kameradschaft der politisch Verfolgten und Bekenner für Österreich, Bund sozialdemokratischer FreiheitskämpferInnen, Opfer des Faschismus und aktiver AntifaschistInnen)

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