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Maximize the Minimum. Architektur für obdachlose Alkoholkranke
Roger Riewe/Martin Brischnik (eds.)
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technology, 2018
German, 107 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-85125-617-8
EUR 22.00

While living space is considered by some to be a form of investment, for all people it counts among the most vital basic needs. At the Vinzidorf in Graz, for the past twenty-five years up to thirty-three formerly homeless, alcoholic men have been given shelter in construction containers. As part of a week-long workshop with students form Graz University of Technology, new dwellings were designed for the residents, with the aim of responding appropriately to their special needs.

Roger Riewe is professor of building construction and design. He heads the Institute of Architecture Technology.
Martin Brischnik is an architect and was a lecturer in the Institute of Architecture Technology.