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Demolished - Modified - Endangered. Modeling Ausrian Architecture of the 20th Century
Petra Petersson/Wolfgang List (eds.)
Graz: Publishing Company of Graz University of Technology, 2018
English, 194 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-3-85125-633-8
EUR 30.00

In the publication DEMOLISHED MODIFIED ENDANGERED - Modeling Austrian Architecture of the 20th Century, the Institute of Construction and Design Principles (KOEN) at Graz University of Technology presents 45 architectural models that have been created at the institute during the last two years. The models for the 45 models were Austrian architectural projects from the 20thcentury which were either altered, destroyed or never realized. The models are not to be seen as exact replicas of the original designs, but try to reconstruct the basic idea of ​​the former architects and to crystallize the basic concept of the selected projects. Each of the 45 architectural models presented is analyzed and explained in more detail by means of several photos and a short text in the publication.
Involved persons: Klemens Illek, Gerald Fassmann, Sebastian Pletzer, Robert Anagostopoulos, Jana Engel, Irnes Fatkić, Laura Feller, Johannes Fritzenwallner, Barbara Gruber, Helena Oberholzer, Lung Peng, Hannes Stockklauser, Judith Weiß, Jakob Berg, Iris Athenstaedt, Amanda Soldo, Armin Karner, Armin Baumgartner, Andreas Marlovits, Florian Hofreither, Timea Tricskó, Daniela Glehr, Ariane van den Hof, Petra Kickenweitz, Christina Linortner, Wolfgang List, Iulius Popa, Daniel Schürr, Bernadette Krejs, Daniel Huber, Siri Black.

Petra Petersson is an architect, dean and university professor at Graz University of Technology and heads the Institute of Construction and Design Principles.
Wolfgang List is an architect and university assistant at the Institute of Construction and Design Principles.