Atlas of Digital Architecture.
Terminology, Concepts, Methods, Tools, Examples, Phenomena

Urs Hirschberg, Ludger Hovestadt,
Oliver Fritz (eds.)
Berlin: Birkhäuser, 2020
English, 760 pages, paperpack
ISBN 978-3-0356-1990-4
EUR 59,95
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Digital technology and architecture have become inseparable, with new approaches and methodologies not just affecting the workflows and practice of architects, but shaping the very character of architecture. In this compendious work, two dozen university professors and lecturers share their vast range of expertise with a professional writer who assembles this into an array of engaging, episodic chapters. Structured into six parts, the Atlas offers an orientation to the myriad ways in which computers are used in architecture today, such as: 3D Modelling and CAD; Rendering and Visualisation; Scripting, Typography, Text & Code; Digital Manufacturing and Model Making; GIS, BIM, Simulation, and Big Data & Machine Learning, to name but these.

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