The GAM-Lab is responsible for public relations and academic communication of the Faculty of Architecture of Graz University of Technology. It creates, administers, and coordinates the content and editorial processes of Graz Architecture Magazine (GAM), the faculty news, the faculty website and social media channels. Furthermore, it provides information on upcoming events, such as lecture series, exhibitions, and award-ceremonies held at the Faculty of Architecture. Thus, the GAM-Lab forms the intersection of communication between faculty members and the public.

We welcome ideas for press releases about faculty events and announcements via

Mag. Dr. Petra Eckhard
Tel. + 43 316 873 4180


Director GAM.Lab &
Managing Editor, GAM


Christine Rossegger, BSc MA
Tel. + 43 316 873 4186


GAM Office &
Faculty Newsletter


Doris Stadler, BA BA MA
Tel. + 43 316 873 4188


GAM Digital &


Maike Gold, BSc
Tel. + 43 316 873 4187

Editorial Assistant,
GAM & PR Design

Vera Schabbon, BSc
Tel. + 43 316 873 4187

Editorial Assistant,
GAM & PR Design

Susannah Leopold,
B.A. MA 

Tel. + 43 316 873 4189

Editorial Assistant, GAM



Giovanna Cassavia
Tel. + 43 316 873 4189

Social Media    

Thomas Kotnik
Tel. + 43 316 873 4187

Info Displays

Martina Hanke, BA MA
Tel. + 43 316 873 4186



GAM.Lab dog






Rechbauerstraße 12/1.KG
8010 Graz

+43 (316) 873 - 4186

Submission Guidelines

If you plan to host or organize an event which should be announced and documented via the faculty’s homepage or social media channels, please make sure you comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is essential when taking photographs or making film recordings on behalf of the faculty or on campus. More information on data protection regulations.