STS Certificate

Graz University of Technology offers a wide range of courses, particularly in the area of freely selectable courses. 

The STS Unit rewards students eager to complete their credits of elective courses by sharpening their competencies in the interdisciplinary field of science, technology, and society with an official certificate

STS - Science, Technology and Society Certificate

Students of the “Science, Technology and Society” (STS) certificate acquire a deeper understanding of the fundamental importance of science and technology for contemporary societies. This certificate is interdisciplinary and based on the internationally established subject "Science, Technology and Society Studies". On this basis, it offers concrete links to all studies at the Graz University of Technology. The certificate is intended to enable graduates to contribute responsibly to overcoming societal challenges and to the prosperous development of the economy, society and the natural environment.

Basic (16 ECTS) and Advanced (32 ECTS)

A total of 16 ECTS must be completed for a "Basic" STS certificate, of which 8 ECTS (*) are compulsory and 8 ECTS can be freely selected from the list below. A total of 32 ECTS must be completed for an "Advanced" STS certificate, which consists of the 16 ECTS of the Basic STS certificate and a further 16 ECTS, which in turn can be freely selected from the list below.

Current courses of the STS Unit

As soon as all the necessary courses have been passed, the certificate can be applied for at the Student Services and - after a check has been carried out to determine whether all the necessary achievements have been completed - it can be picked up there. Simply send an email to