institute for advanced studies on science, technology and society (IAS-STS)

The Institute for Advanced Studies offers international research fellows and visiting scholars the opportunity to investigate the social implications of scientific and technological developments.

Each year, the IAS-STS hosts around a dozen international researchers for up to nine months. During this period, researchers explore the issues outlined in our fellowship programme, the focus of which changes every year.

Within the framework of this fellowship programme, the IAS-STS promotes the interdisciplinary investigation of the links and interaction between science, technology and society, as well as research on the development and implementation of socially sound and environmentally sustainable technologies.

Further Details

IAS-STS fellowship 2024/25
(c) Keira Burton - Pexels

Application period for 2024/25:
15 Marchy 2024 - 15 May 2024.

Please send the applications forms in pdf-format.




Institute for Advanced Studies
on Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS)
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