Environmental impacts of Airium: An Innovative Insulation Material

© Perlmooser Beton GmbH

Airium is a mineral foam which is produced on-site thanks to a highly technological truck. It can be used for multiple insulation needs (attics, sub-screed, or walls), therefore replacing traditional plastic materials (EPS, XPS, etc.). A particularity of this insulation material is its ability to rapidly absorb carbon dioxide while it dries, during a process which is called “carbonation”. This compensates for almost half of the greenhouse gas emissions which are emitted during its life cycle.

The Working Group Sustainable Construction published in July 2022 an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for Airium, in cooperation with PERLMOOSER Beton GmbH. For an EPD, the whole life cycle of a product is taken into account, from manufacturing, to use, disposal and further recycling possibilities.

The entire document can be downloaded here.