"Low-power Embedded Networked Systems" Group

The Low-power Embedded Networked Systems (LENS) group is a team of researchers focusing on future connected wireless embedded systems, aiming to make them more dependable and sustainable. The team's activities can be broadly characterized as "systems and application-driven experimental research" at the intersection of wireless networking, embedded systems, and IoT applications.

Group members

Fikret Bašić (Postdoc researcher)
Carlo Alberto Boano (group leader)
Hannah Brunner (PhD student)
Markus Gallacher (PhD student)
Theo Gasteiger (PhD student)
M. Hassaan Hydher (PhD student)
Kay Uwe Römer (deputy leader)
Maximilian P. Schuh (PhD student)
Markus Schuss (Postdoc researcher)
Michael Stocker (PhD student)


Elisabeth Salomon (PhD student, 2021-2024)
Vu Anh Minh Le (visiting student, 2023-2024)
Pei Tian (visiting PhD graduate, 2021-2023)
Sonali Deo (PhD student, 2022-2023)
Leo Botler (PhD graduate, 2018-2023)
Mateusz Banaszek (visiting student, 2022)
Rainer Hofmann (PhD student, 2017-2021)
Michael Spörk (PhD graduate, 2016-2021)
Bernhard Großwindhager (PhD graduate, 2016-2020)
Marco Cattani (Postdoc researcher, 2016-2018)
Marco Steger (PhD graduate, 2015-2018)
Matteo Lasagni (PhD graduate, 2013-2017)
Felix J. Oppermann (PhD graduate, 2013-2016)

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Carlo Alberto Boano
Institute of Technical Informatics
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Quick Links
  • We have an opening for a university assistant position (PhD student position) on topics related to UWB indoor positioning systems! The application deadline is 19.07.2024!
  • We are constantly looking for talented postdoc researchers with experience on our research topics that are interested in joining our group: if you want to shape the future of embedded wireless IoT systems, and make them more dependable, contact us!
Latest News
  • 27.06.2024: Pei Tian, who visited our group between October 2021 and October 2023 and published several joint papers, has successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Research on Performance Optimization of LoRa-based Multi-hop Low Power Wide Area Networks". Congratulations, Dr. Pei!
  • 15.05.2024: Hannah's paper on a simulation framework for battery-free systems in collaboration with colleagues from TU Delft has been presented at IPSN'24 and received the best artifact award!
  • 08.04.2024: Markus Schuss will co-organize the EWSN 2024 Sustainability Competition, and the competition infrastructure will be hosted by our group: check out the call for competitors!
  • 26.03.2024: Our article on understanding concurrent radiative wireless power transfer in collaboration with colleagues from the Macau University of Science and Technology, Nanjing University, and SKF group has been accepted on the IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine!
  • 21.03.2024: Sebastian Scholl has defended his MSc thesis on "Modelling and Exploring Sensor Node Architectures
    for a Battery-Free Internet of Things" carried out with us, congratulations!
  • 15.03.2024: Together with colleagues from UCC, we are organizing a special track on Avoiding an Internet of Trash at ACM GoodIT'24!
  • 01.02.2024: Our paper on benchmarking RPL's performance at scale in collaboration with colleagues from the University of Warsaw has been accepted and will be presented at IEEE NOMS 2024!
  • 24.01.2024: Carlo Alberto gave a keynote talk at INW 2024 showcasing the latest LENS research on how to increase the robustness of UWB systems to harsh environmental conditions.
  • 15.12.2023: Our paper on NLoS classification for UWB systems in collaboration with colleagues from Pro2Future and NXP Semiconductors has been accepted at the IEEE MSN'23 conference!
  • 11.12.2023: Pei's paper on RSSF has been accepted at IEEE GlobeCom'23!
  • 15.11.2023: Markus Gallacher's poster was selected as best poster runner-up at ACM SenSys'23!
  • 28.09.2023: Our InSight and BLoB papers were among the three best paper nominees at EWSN'23, and BLoB ultimately received the best paper award!