Who is working on FlyGrid?

The composition of the project consortium has been optimized to implement all necessary technological aspects for the development of “Flywheel Energy Storage for EV Fast Charging and Grid Integration”, as well as to carry out the demonstration in a representative environment.

The consortium is a complementary team of excellence that combines key players from Austrian companies plus a German partner who is a global market leader, research institutions as well as an electricity supply company. The industry partners, myonic, Thien eDrives, Secar, Energie Steiermark and DAU complement each other with respect to their individual know-how and expertise. Every partner is a true technology leader in their field. easelink, the highly innovative Austrian start-up must be mentioned as a valuable addition to the team. Not only does their fully automated MATRIX CHARGING concept complete the FlyGrid idea in an elegant way, but their creative, flexible start-up work attitude is a benefit to the entire project.

In combination with the research partners Graz University of Technology and EVT – Montanuniversität Leoben and the electricity grid operator Energienetze Steiermark the FlyGrid project consortium is not only doubtlessly capable of tackling the challenge, but must simply be considered unique.


Figure 1: FlyGrid consortium and associated areas of work.


Please visit our partner’s websites for further information.

·         DAU GmbH & Co KG

·         easelink GmbH

·         Energie Steiermark Technik GmbH

·         Energienetze Steiermark GmbH

·         Institut für Energieverbundtechnik (EVT)

·         myonic GmbH

·         Secar Technologie GmbH

·         THIEN eDrives