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Short Description

BATTBOX aims to optimise the handling and processing of traction batteries in e-mobility with regard to a sustainable product life cycle. For this purpose 2 maxims are pursued:

  1. minimisation of resource flows and maximisation of the sustainable use of high-quality fractions.
  2. maximising the product value and use beyond the vehicle-specific life cycle by analysing alternative value chains.

The sustainability of e-mobility systems faces major challenges due to the lack of material cycles, especially in battery production. Battery designs available on the market are primarily designed for cost minimisation in production but hardly for reuse, remanufacturing or recycling. Significant opportunities to reduce the ecological footprint remain untapped. If the predicted increase in e-vehicles occurs, it will be necessary to consider material cycles in this area.
Within the BATTBOX project, critical influencing variables and boundary conditions in the handling of battery systems will be identified in order to achieve a cycle-oriented use. Operational as well as strategic measures for technical de-manufacturing will be developed and requirements for a future eco-battery design will be derived.

The focus is on the three levels of a vehicle battery (battery system, battery module, battery cell). For each of these levels, verifiable concepts for optimised processes are developed on the basis of legal and normative requirements, with the aim of rejecting reusable assemblies and components.
If this is not possible, flexible dismantling processes are developed for each level, which are adapted to the respective component level. The serial connection of possible process step sequences from the individual levels will also be considered by developing a morphological process modular system in order to show the best overall demanufacturing procedure for different battery systems. This innovative approach should reduce the EU's dependence on critical metal imports and support European manufacturers in the market.

Differentiated closed-loop considerations for battery systems will support the sustainable development of electromobility.

As a strong increase of electric vehicles on our roads is very likely, BATTBOX provides the necessary action for the development of closed-loop material cycles, which guarantee the security of supply in the battery market in the medium and long term.

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