Cooperation with the Institut of Architecture and Landscape

The UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 is a call to revolutionize life on our planet. The semester builds on the scope of this issue, on the urgency to establish new relations between life forms and living environments. We will address these collective goals in form of a collaborative joint studio, between the institutes of urbanism, architecture and landscape.  Our mindset affirms “2030 is now.”
Surprisingly the city of Bad Gastein could be a role model for the 2030 future we are aiming for. Ever since, Bad Gastein has fascinated people who want to experience the forces of nature – the thermal water, the negatively ionized air, the picturesque waterfall, or the sublime Alpine scenery.  At this moment in time, we have the opportunity to ask how the current demands and ambitions of Bad Gastein can be inclusively reconciled with the history and the future of the place and its primal presence of nature. What new spaces and architectures will this make possible? 
The goal of this studio is to create a breathing, vibrating urban landscape that empowers us to ask and answer questions, such as: how we as architects, designers and planners can overcome the prevailing dichotomies in our living environments to build one inclusive “Lebensraum.” Your individual designs will collectively merge into an organic network of urban and landscape dynamics, allowing us to reimagine Bad Gastein. 

Prof. Aglaée Degros / Anna Bagaric

29.09.2021, 13.00 Uhr

29.09.2021, 16.30 Uhr

30.09.2021,14.00 Uhr

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