COEBRO - Additive Fabrication of Concrete Elements by Robots
DokIn'Holz - Projekt H2 - PhDSchool DokIn' Holz - H2 - The acoustical behaviour of barrier- and ceiling connections in massive timber constructions
GBS - Glass Building Skins - Transparent self-carrying building skins with the application of the hybrid load-bearing behaviour of glass-steel-structures
Research on construction- and environmental related parameters concerned to the hygrothermal behavior of window constructions in low-energy houses



Quickway - Quickway
Entwicklung eines multifunktionalen Schallprüfstandes für vertikale Bauteile
AVI Thermoelement - AVI Thermoelements
Balcony Slabs and Consols / Thermal Insulating Connecting Rebars
Beam Column Stability
Bearing Capacity of Retrofitted Bridge Decks
Behavior of Shear Forces between Prefabricated Concrete Elements and In Situ Concrete
Determination of Shear Strength Values for Glued Laminated Timber
Development of Economic Timber Products Exploiting By-Products of Saw-Mills (BRESTA-H)
Development of New Bridge Systems - BRESTA-V and Timber-Concrete-Compound Structures
Development of Resistant Timber Products Using Hardwood Robinie
Development of Truss Structure with High Performance Concrete and Alternative Reinforcement
Druckglieder aus UHPC - UHPC Column
Effect of the New Grading Specifications for Structural Timber on the Engineering Practice in Austria
Engineering Design Science
EU-RFS-CR-04044 Semi comp
Floating island at the 'Neue Donau'
FWF - Beulen Scheiben UHPFRC - Shear Carrying Capacity and Buckling of UHPFRC Panels
FWF - UHPFRC - Adhesive Bond between UHPFRC and Construction Materials
Glass Fiber Reinforced Timber Beams
Glulam Experiemental Campaign GAD
Innovation im Bau von Druckschachtpanzerungen (INJ09)
Material Development for a precast UHPFRC truss girder
Orthogonal mesh reinforcement in frame joints
Orthotrope Platte - orthotropic decks - [Original in Deutsch: Verstärkung orthotroper Stahlfahrbahnplatten mit Hochleistungsbetonen zur Erzielung deutlich erhöhter Restlebensdauern]
Proceeding to the Honor of the 60th Anniversary of Lutz Sparowitz
Punching shear of pre-cast, hidden, mushroom heads made of UHPC
Rehabilitation of Bridges
Shear Forces in Sandwich Elements (Walls and Slabs) in Reinforced Concrete with Internal Cores Made of Insulating Foam
Shellstructures made of UHPC - Thin double-curved concrete elements made for a new shell-building methode
Software Package for Glued Laminated Timber Design
Structural Analysis of Plastic Profiles for Windows
SW-Fertigteile - Development and Process Optimisation of Ultra High Performance Concrete for Advanced Precast Building Elements
UHPC-drainage outlets
Unterwassermontage - Pilot Test Underwater Assembling
Wild-Brücke - Bridge WILD
Wooden shear walls

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