The Institute of Logistics Engineering (ITL) is a highly skilled team of interdisciplinary experts specializing in both basic and applied research and development. As part of Graz University of Technology, we offer students practical and specialized knowledge in a wide range of courses.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional areas such as conveyor and storage technology to include cutting-edge topics like virtual engineering, digital twin technology, and adaptive material flow technology simulation. With dedicated workshops and a team for prototype and test stand construction, we can bring our concepts to life and thoroughly examine, measure, test, and optimize them in our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities.

At ITL, we bridge the gap between science and practice, aiming to translate our research findings into practical applications and address real-world requirements in research projects. We collaborate extensively with universities, research institutes, and industrial partners both nationally and internationally.

Logistikwerkstatt Graz

Visit our annual conference, the Logistikwerkstatt Graz where "Science meets Industry" comes to lift.  We bring together speakers from the world's leading companies in the field of logistics and material flow technology. Join us for inspiring presentations, cutting-edge insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities!

Virtual Engineering & Digital Twin Solutions

Research at the Institute of Logistics Engineering revolves around virtual engineering and digital twin solutions. We leverage a comprehensive suite of simulation tools to accurately replicate real-world processes in the field of technical logistics.

Our expertise lies in CAD, CAE, system simulation, and multi-body simulation, enabling us to create realistic virtual environments for testing, optimizing, and visualizing logistics operations. By employing these advanced techniques, we pave the way for innovation and efficiency enhancement in the logistics industry.

Innovative Material Handling Technology

We are dedicated to advancing the field of material handling technology through innovative approaches. Our team is committed to conducting extensive research on novel technologies and designing visionary concepts to improve material handling processes.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, we combine virtual development with practical experiments to ensure the effectiveness of our solutions. In our state-of-the-art laboratories, we rigorously test and refine our concepts until they meet the highest standards of efficiency and performance.

Intralogistics Simulation

Another field of expertise lies in intralogistics systems simulation and optimization. Through our advanced simulation-based approaches, we accurately replicate real-world conditions to identify opportunities for increased efficiency. By utilizing optimization algorithms, we evaluate different scenarios to design and optimize intralogistics systems, enhancing their efficiency.

Our solutions are developed for both research projects and industry partnerships, providing valuable insights and improvements to a diverse range of stakeholders.

Student Research & Thesis Projects

Discover a world of possibilities for student involvement at our institute. We offer opportunities for bachelor's theses, master's theses, and student assistant positions. While specific topics are advertised for theses, we always welcome students to propose their own ideas. Collaboration with companies is also possible for final theses. Join us in advancing your academic and professional journey.

Open Positions

Join our dynamic team at the Institute of Logistics Engineering. We are actively seeking exceptional individuals who are passionate about creating a positive impact. We invite you to express your interest by reaching out to us directly. Our work environment promotes inclusivity, encourages personal and professional growth, supports collaboration, and values innovation. Embark on a meaningful and fulfilling career with us by taking the first step today.

Join our team by contacting us at officenoSpam@itl.tugraz.at