Courses Winter Term 2022

Topics for Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Projects

(courses of IST in TUGonline)

Bachelor*     TUGRAZonline
Algorithmen und Spiele     link
Crunchpoints der modernen industriellen Softwareentwicklung und IT-Projektführung     link
Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen     link
Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen 2     link
Design your own app     link
Educational Robotics     link
Einführung in das Studium für das Lehramt Informatik     link
Entwurf und Analyse von Algorithmen     link
Foundations of Computer Science (CS)     link, link (UE)
Master*     TUGRAZonline
Formal Specification and Design of Software     link
Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence     link link (UE)
AK Softwaretechnologie 3     link, link (UE)
Ausgewählte Kapitel Informatikdidaktik     link
Configuration Systems     link
** new course **: Logikbasierte Wissensrepräsentation     link
Mobile Robots     link link (UE)
Selected Topics of Software Technology (Planning and Scheduling)     link
Software Engineering for Autonomous Robots     link
Software Testing for Safety-Critical Systems     link link (KU)

Seminars and privatissima

Algorithms and Complexity (link), Autonomous Intelligent Systems 1 (link), DiplomandInnen-Seminar (link), DissertantInnenseminar (link), Formal Methods in Computer Science 1 (link), Informationstechnologien 1 (link), Research Seminar Enumerative Combinatoric Algorithms (link), Seminar Software Technology (link), Software Entwicklungsmethoden 1 (link), Verfassen wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten (link), Seminar-Project Robotics (link), Seminar-Project Software Technology (link), Seminar-Projekt Games Engineering (link), Seminar-Project Intelligent Systems (link), Construction of Mobile Robots (link), Master Project Secure and Correct Systems (link), Projekt Softwaretechnologie (link)

*the distinction into bachelor and master courses is based on the standard curriculum of B. Sc. Computer Science/M. Sc. Computer Science. The distinction just serves as an indicator, differs in ICE and SEM, and can also differ for each individual student.