Courses Summer Term 2024

Topics for Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis and Projects

(courses of IST in TUGonline)

Bachelor* hours   type   TUGRAZonline
Agile Software Development 3 VU link
Deklarative Programmierung 2 VU link
Design your own app! 1 VU link
Einführung in die strukturierte Programmierung 2 KU link
Grundlagen der Artificial Intelligence und Logik 2 VU link
Qualitätssicherung in der Softwareentwicklung 2 VU link
Softwareentwicklungsprozess 1 VO link
Software-Maintenance 3 VU link
Softwareparadigmen 3 VU link
Master*     TUGRAZonline
Advanced Robotics 2 VO link
Advanced Robotics 1 LU link
Artificial Intelligence - Planning and Scheduling 2 VU link
Compiler Construction 2 VO link
Compiler Construction 1 KU link
Distributed Algorithms 3 VU link
Enumerative Combinatoric Algorithms 2 VU link
Mobile Applications 3 VU link
Objektorientierte Analyse und Design 2 VU link
Problem Analysis and Complexity Theory 3 VU link
Recommender Systems 2 VU link
Selected Topics of Software Technology (Combinatorial Testing) 3 VU link
Selected Topics of Software Technology (Model-based Diagnosis of Sequential Behavior) 3 VU link
Selected Topics of Software Technology (Quantum Computing) 3 VU link
Seminar Software Technology 2 SE link
Software Technology 3 VU link
Software Technology Tools 2 SE link
Seminars, privatissima, and other     TUGRAZonline
Angewandte Softwaretechnologie 2 2 PV link
Autonomous Intelligent Systems 2 2 PV link
DissertantInnenseminar 1 SE link
Formal Methods in Computer Science 2 2 PV link
Geometric Graph Theory 2 PV link
Informationstechnologien 2 2 PV link
Master Project Intelligent Systems 1 PT link
Master Project Secure and Correct Systems 1 PT link
Projekt Softwaretechnologie 1 PT link
Research Seminar Discrete Geometry 2 PV link
Seminar-Project Intelligent Systems 4 SP link
Seminar-Project Software Technology 4 SP link
Software Entwicklungsmethoden 2 2 PV link

*the distinction into bachelor and master courses is based on the standard curriculum of B. Sc. Computer Science/M. Sc. Computer Science. The distinction just serves as an indicator, differs in ICE and SEM, and can also differ for each individual student.