The group contributed to several implementations during their research, with a particular aim to address computationally challenging problems. 

Since the group is newly established at Graz University of Technology, currently no software is hosted by the group.

You can have a look at software the group contributed to (theoretically or practically) before coming to Graz University of Technology. All links to external webpages.

  • CEGARTIX: a SAT-based argumentation system for argumentation frameworks
  • Vispartix: a visualization of argumentation frameworks generated from knowledge bases (using the software ARVis)
  • ADFsys: an ASP-based argumentation system for abstract dialectical frameworks
  • SAT-based argumentation systems: software using SAT-extensions for argumentation frameworks
  • QADF: QBF-based implementation of ADF semantics
  • GERD: Genteel Extended argumentation Reasoning Device, an ASP-based system for computing extensions of EAFs
  • Pakota: MaxSAT and IP based implementation for extension and status enforcement for abstract argumentation
  • AbHS: A propositional abduction solver based on the implicit hitting set paradigm
  • AFSynth: AF synthesis via MaxSAT
  • aba2af: system for reasoning about acceptance in assumption-based argumentation via argumentation frameworks
  • k++ADF: a SAT-based reasoner for abstract dialectical frameworks
  • ASPARTIX: ASP-based system for reasoning in argumentation frameworks
  • ASP for ABA: ASP-based system for reasoning tasks in assumption-based argumentation