Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS)

Welcome to the research group on Autonomous Intelligent Systems (AIS). The AIS group is interested in the methods, tools, and architectures that are needed to build autonomous intelligent systems such as agents and robots. In particular, we are interested in the complete decision-making process (perception-cognition-acting) for such system and in the related challenges that arise if such systems are deployed in uncertain real-world environments. Due to the non-determinism in the systems, the environment, and their interaction advanced methods for making and executing decisions are needed to obtain reliable systems we can trust in. In order to achieve this goal AIS resides in the intersection of Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics.

Research fields the AIS group is active in comprises archtectures for making and executing decision, action planning in various forms, supervision and diagnosis of system components and behaviors, robot navigation in indoor and out door environments, and explainable and trustworthy human-robot interaction.

AIS is working on integrated robot systems for various application scenarios such as production, logistics, planetary exploration, and disaster response.

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Prof. Dr. Gerald Steinbauer-Wagner