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Getting Here

Our institute is located on the top floor of building "Inffeldgasse 16b".

Arrival by Plane

You can arrive at the airport "Graz Thalerhof" which is a few kilometers outside of Graz. The best way to travel to our institute is by using a taxi.

Arrival by Train

When using a train, you can arrive in Graz at "Graz Hauptbahnhof" (Graz Hbf). When you leave the train station, there is a tram station to your right. Take tram no. 6 and get off at the station "Schulzentrum St. Peter" (the ride takes about 20 minutes; the name of the previous station is "St. Peter Friedhof"). From there it is just a short walk (5 to 10 minutes) to our institute. You can get tickets from the tram's driver. Do not forget to cancel the ticket at the cancellation machine in the tram. The following link might be useful for both trains and trams (everything in Graz and connections from major cities in Austria are included):

Arrival by Car

Directions coming from the North

When you are driving on the highway to Graz, the propably best way to reach our institute is not to drive directly through Graz. You should drive through the "Platbutschtunnel" to "KNOTEN GRAZ-WEST" (this is the direction to Slovenia) and there enter the highway in the direction to Vienna until you are at the "KNOTEN GRAZ-OST". There you can drive to the center ("ZENTRUM") of Graz, following the Münzgrabenstraße.

Directions coming from the West

You should drive on the highway, until you are at the "KNOTEN GRAZ-OST". There you can drive to the center of Graz ("ZENTRUM") and follow the Münzgrabenstraße. Coming from then South When coming from the south, at the "KNOTEN GRAZ-WEST" you should enter the highway leading to the "KNOTEN GRAZ-OST". There you should leave the highway for the center of Graz ("ZENTRUM"), and drive on the Münzgrabenstraße. Coming from the East You should drive on the highway, until you are at the "KNOTEN GRAZ-OST". There you can drive to the center of GRAZ ("ZENTRUM") and follow the Münzgrabenstraße.


Come into Inffeldgasse from Petersgasse. At the barrier gate there is an interphone and you will need to explain that you are coming to "Institut für Softwaretechnologie". Follow all the way ahead into Inffeldgasse until there is a normal road leaving to the right. Follow this road, and again turn right, and the building complex "Inffeldgasse 16" will be to your left (a map and a picture is included below). Follow this road until the end. Our building is the last one directly left to the road. There should be some parking place available, otherwise try the other side of the bulding (you will have to come back to the point where you last turned to the right). An alternative entry is through the gate in Sandgasse.


From Parkhotel

The best way is to take a taxi. To go by tram you leave the Parkhotel, cross the street and turn right. After a few meters there is a tram stop "Lichtenfelsgasse". Take the route no. 1 (which runs to Eggenberg) or no. 7 (to Wetzelsdorf) and leave at "Jakominiplatz". Now take the route no. 6 into the opposite direction (not the direction to "Hauptbahnhof") and leave the tram at station St. Peter Schulzentrum. From there it is just a short walk (300 meters approx.) to our institute.


Institute of Software Technology

Inffeldgasse 16b/II
8010 Graz

Phone:  +43 316 873-57 11

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