We are looking for an Early Stage Researcher / PhD student (starting 01/2019)

The Institute for Process and Particle Engineering consists of six independent research areas, each committed to high-level basic and applied research:

·         Pharmaceutical Engineering and Particle Technology

·         Simulation Science

·         Continuous Processes

·         Mechanical Process Engineering

·         Pharmaceutical Materials Engineering and Design

·         Patient Centric Drug Product Design & Manufacturing

Our close cooperation with industry, as well as academic and non-academic research institutions offers young scientists a highly interdisciplinary research environment. Congresses and workshops, frequently organized by us, provide a unique platform to communicate key results to an international scientific community, and often lead to new cooperations with research institutions and industry.

We are looking for an Early Stage Researcher / PhD student (starting 01/2019)

You will be given the opportunity to work with IPPE and a network of international partners for 3 years towards a PhD degree in a Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN. Location is Graz/Austria.

You bring:

Physics background: you are holding a master’s degree in (fluid) mechanics, process engineering, chemical engineering, particle technology or similar and have interest in modelling particle processes at the particle scale.

Software background: you have skills or interest in using C++, and git

Personal background: you have a goal-oriented and well-organized personality, you have the capability to learn rapidly and sustainably

We offer:

Purpose: you will develop simulation models for particle flow processes. Therefore, you are laying the ground for process understanding, design, and optimization.

Team: you will join a small and flexible, young and motivated team at IPPE as well as be embedded in an international project team with high-level academics and industrialists. You will be enrolled at Graz University of Technology’s PhD program and enjoy a number of international exchange visits (secondments) during the project.

Impact and internationality: you will interact with companies from all around the globe, including market leaders in all major industries (chemical, pharma, process, minerals & mining, plastics, agricultural machinery and many others)  

Salary: you will receive fixed amount salary of roughly €2794,60 gross (14 times a year).

Please send your 1 page CV and 1 page motivation letter – all other formats will NOT be CONSIDERED to: Prof. Joahnnes Khinast, khinastnoSpam@tugraz.at.

We look forward to hearing from you!

All researchers recruited in an ITN must be Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) and undertake transnational mobility.
Researchers can be of any nationality. They are required to undertake physical, transnational mobility (i.e. move from one country to another) when taking up their appointment. Nationality is therefore not a criterion. Rather the location of the researcher's residence or main activity during the 3 years prior to their recruitment is determining. Example: Austrian nationals can be eligible for recruitment if they have resided or carried out their main activity outside of Austria for more than 24 months in the 3 years immediately prior to their recruitment.

In ETN, each recruited researcher can be seconded to other beneficiaries and/or to partner organisations for a duration of up to 30% of his/her recruitment period. Secondments of the researcher to other beneficiaries and partner organisations are encouraged, but should be relevant, feasible, beneficial for the researchers and in line with the project objectives. Normal practice during secondments is for the recruited researchers to keep their contract with the sending institution, which also pays their travel and subsistence expenses (e.g. accommodation, visa, residency card) from the institutional unit costs. During their secondment, researchers receive supervision and training at the premises of the receiving beneficiary or partner organisation. Secondments should be differentiated from short visits, i.e. of a few days. Secondments in ITN of six months or less which require mobility from the place of residence must be financed using the Research, Training and Networking costs in order to prevent an unreasonable financial burden for the early-stage researchers. This includes the travel and accommodation costs.

All eligible researchers recruited within an ITN are entitled to receive

  • Mobility Allowance:  It contributes to the mobility related expenses of the researcher and amounts to €600 per month.
  • Family Allowance: A family allowance of €500 per month will be paid should the researcher have family, regardless of whether the family will move with the researcher or not.

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