We are looking for an Early Stage Researcher / PhD student (starting 01/2019)

The Institute for Process and Particle Engineering consists of six independent research areas, each committed to high-level basic and applied research:

·         Pharmaceutical Engineering and Particle Technology

·         Simulation Science

·         Continuous Processes

·         Mechanical Process Engineering

·         Pharmaceutical Materials Engineering and Design

·         Patient Centric Drug Product Design & Manufacturing

Our close cooperation with industry, as well as academic and non-academic research institutions offers young scientists a highly interdisciplinary research environment. Congresses and workshops, frequently organized by us, provide a unique platform to communicate key results to an international scientific community, and often lead to new cooperations with research institutions and industry.

We are looking for an Early Stage Researcher / PhD student (starting 01/2019)

You will be given the opportunity to work with IPPE and a network of international partners for 3 years towards a PhD degree in a Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN. Location is Graz/Austria.

You bring:

Physics background: you are holding a master’s degree in (fluid) mechanics, process engineering, chemical engineering, particle technology or similar and have interest in modelling particle processes at the particle scale.

Software background: you have skills or interest in using C++, and git

Personal background: you have a goal-oriented and well-organized personality, you have the capability to learn rapidly and sustainably

We offer:

Purpose: you will develop simulation models for particle flow processes. Therefore, you are laying the ground for process understanding, design, and optimization.

Team: you will join a small and flexible, young and motivated team at IPPE as well as be embedded in an international project team with high-level academics and industrialists. You will be enrolled at Graz University of Technology’s PhD program and enjoy a number of international exchange visits (secondments) during the project.

Impact and internationality: you will interact with companies from all around the globe, including market leaders in all major industries (chemical, pharma, process, minerals & mining, plastics, agricultural machinery and many others)  

Salary: you will receive fixed amount salary of roughly €2794,60 gross (14 times a year).

Please send your 1 page CV and 1 page motivation letter – all other formats will NOT be CONSIDERED to: Prof. Joahnnes Khinast, khinastnoSpam@tugraz.at.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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