Team NeuroCONCISE (United Kingdom)


Pilot: Owen Collumb
Team manager: Damien Coyle

The NeuroCONCISE team consists of the team lead Professor Damien Coyle, Professor of Neurotechnology and Research Director at the Intelligent Systems Research Centre, Ulster University, Northern Ireland. Our pilot for 2019 is Mr Owen Collumb, based in Dublin, Rep. of Ireland, who has a spinal injury and has previously participated in a BCI study at Ulster in 2011 and was pilot for the first Cybathlon BCI race in Zurich 2016. Professor Damien Coyle has been working on BCI for over 16 years and has made a number of contributions to the field. Having competed in Cybathlon 2016 coming 6th overall with the 3rd best time achieved by all finalists the NeuroCONCISE team aims have improve on this in Graz 2019.