Team MIRAGE91 (Austria)

© Graf - TU Graz

Pilot: Pascal Prietl
Team manager: Reinmar Kobler

The Graz BCI Racing Team MIRAGE91 is a project of the Graz BCI Lab at the Graz University of Technology. MIRAGE91, an acronym for Mental Imagery RAcing Graz Established 91, refers to the start of the BCI research in Graz back in 1991. The team MIRAGE91 participated in the BCI race at the CYBATHLON premiere in 2016. Besides taking part in the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 in Graz, the team’s next big goal is to compete in the BCI race at the second CYBATHLON in 2020 as well. The team MIRAGE91 includes graduate and undergraduate students from different disciplines.