Publikationen aus dem Jahr 2022

Beitrag in Fachzeitschrift
Georg Quinz, Michael Klanner and Katrin Ellermann Balancing of Flexible Rotors Supported on Fluid Film Bearings by Means of Influence Coefficients Calculated by the Numerical Assembly Technique Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Birgit Moesl, Harald Schaffernak, Wolfgang Vorraber, Michael Holy, Thomas Herrele, Reinhard Braunstingl and Ioana Victoria Koglbauer Towards a More Socially Sustainable Advanced Pilot Training by Integrating Wearable Augmented Reality Devices Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Robert Kalcher, Katrin Ellermann and Gerald Kelz Load torque estimation for an automotive electric rear axle drive by means of virtual sensing using Kalman filtering Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Vahid Badeli, Sascha Ranftl, Gian Marco Melito, Alice Reinbacher-Koestinger, Wolfgang Von der Linden, Katrin Ellermann and Oszkar Biro Bayesian inference of multi-sensors impedance cardiography for detection of aortic dissection Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Michael Klanner and Katrin Ellermann Transient vibrations of viscoelastic beam systems under arbitrary loading conditions and with fractional derivative damping models Proceedings of ISMA 2022 International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering and USD2022 International Conference on Uncertainty in Structural Dynamics Publikation in PURE anzeigen
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Georg Quinz, Michael Klanner and Katrin Ellermann Balancing of rotor-bearing systems without trial runs using the Numerical Assembly Technique - An experimental investigation Publikation in PURE anzeigen

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