Services for Academia and Industry

We offer three different cooperation types:
Services performed by FELMI-ZFE
FELMI-ZFE services are accessible to TU Graz institutes and external customers from industry and academia. Our team, if desired,in presence of yourstaff, performs research and standard servicesat full costs. We start the analyses using the earliest possible open time-slot. We transfer all usage and exploitation rights to you.
User Laboratory: self - sufficient analysis performed by the external user
Via our user laboratory, we offer direct access to specific instruments and you perform the experiments on your own. Access to the microscopes is exclusively granted to trained users. Our staff provides user training for the instrument in question. The instrumentation usage is charged according to the price - list. The user has to pay for any damage caused and is bound to the user rules of FELMI - ZFE.
Scientific Collaboration according to the scientific goals of FELMI - ZFE We welcome research collaboration , which correspond to our scientific goals. Access is provided after a successful scientific peer - review procedure, research* is performed by our staff. A fee will be charged for instrument usageat significantly reduced rates. Joint scientific publications and user application reports are mandatory.
* Specimen preparation, experiments, data analysis, and simulations.
Whom do I contact? Hartmuth Schröttner, Armin Zankel and Evelin Fisslthaler are always happy to help and to delegate your request to the staff member in charge. If you already know who might your ideal service partner, check our team sub-page.
Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact Hartmuth Schröttner  | +43 (0) 316 873 8349
Dr. Armin Zankel | +43 (0) 316 873 8832
Dr. Evelin Fisslthaler | +43 (0) 316 873-8834

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