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Game Dev Days 2019
06 - 08 September 2019, HS i7
Community event for everyone who is interested in game development. #gddg19

Security & Correctness Summer School 2019
16 - 20 September 2019, Campus Inffeldgasse, TU Graz
The event targets graduate students interested in security and correctness aspects of computing devices.

8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2019
16 - 20 September 2019, Institute for Neural Engineering, TU Graz

CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019: Brain-computer interface race for the first time in Austria!
17 September 2019, HS P1
Spectators will experience the fascinating power of brain-controlled systems, as teams from all over the world go head to head in the brain-computer interface (BCI) race. In the BCI race, pilots with quadriplegia compete against each other using their brain signals to control an avatar in a computer game. 
Tickets for the race are now available!

BCI Science Slam 2019
18 September 2019, 18:30, Institute of Neural Engineering, TU Graz
Share your passion for science! Explain your research topic in 6 min in entertaining ways to win attractive prizes and fame!

International Conference on Human-Centered Digitalization: How to Develop Next Generation of Humans and Robots for a Secure, Harmonic and Prosperous Future of Europe and Japan?
20 - 21 September 2019, TU Graz, Inffeldgasse 13
The aim of the conference is to identify ways of safeguarding and maintaining human integrity and values in the midst of a technological development where they become less and less necessary for the technologies to work.

[NEW] Reality-based Interaction for Visual Data Analysis
26 September 2019, 14:00, SR Franz Leberl, Inffeldgasse 16/II
Talk by Prof. Dr. Harald Reiterer (Uni Konstanz)

Neuroscience, robotics, AI and medical informatics: New insights with diversity & ethics
26 - 27 September 2019, TU Graz, Stremayrgasse 16
Workshop by the Human Brain Project. Participation fee for TU Graz students: 100€.
Apply until 20 September 2019.

Faculty News

Graz becomes capital of digital game development
At the fourth edition of Game Dev Days Graz this year everything revolves around game design and interdisciplinarity. More than 30 talks by the greats of the global game development scene are on the programme. The largest Austrian game developer conference will once again provide an excellent platform for the local and international gaming community to present itself and its own work, to network and exchange ideas.  

New project proposal of TU Graz with MIT and UC Berkeley
Together with the App Inventor team at the MIT, the Snap! team at UC Berkeley, and the Play Learn Foundation India, Wolfgang Slany and his team submitted a proposal for a huge grant, i.e., money that we will spend on developing Catrobat / Pocket Code. If they get it, the Catrobat project will have a budget of 5 million US$, per year, for 5 years. Help the project by watching their video on YouTube!

Jobs, Grants, Open Calls


University Professor of Computational Behavioral and Social Sciences. Apply until 26 November 2019.

University Professor of Computational Medicine. Apply until 26 November 2019.

Tenure Track Professorship in Visual Computing for Women. Apply until 26 November 2019.

Tenure Track Professorship in Information Security. Apply until 26 November 2019.

Tenure Track Professorship in Machine Learning. Apply until 26 November 2019.

Tenure Track Professorship in Formal Methods for Dependability. Apply until 26 November 2019.

Tenure Track Professorship in Intelligent Systems. Apply until 26 November 2019.


Academic Staff

Internship at the Universidade do Porto. Apply as soon as possible.


Grants, Open Calls

Eurasia-Pacific Uninet (EPU): Förderung von wissenschaftlichen Projekten. Deadline: 17 September 2019.

Bayer Digital Campus Challenge. Deadline: 10 November 2019.

EIC Horizon Prizes. Categories: Blockchains for Social Good, Early Warning for Epidemics, Affordable High-Tech for Humanitarian Aid, Fuel from the Sun: Artificial Photosynthesis, Innovative Batteries for eVehicles and Low-Cost Space Launch.

Doctoral Examinations

Seda Polat Erdeniz - Recommendation and Configuration Technologies for the Internet of Things
17 September 2019, 14:00, SR IST, Inffeldgasse 16b/II

[NEW] Thomas Geymayer - Exploring the information worker's space
27 September 2019, 13:00, SR Franz Leberl, Inffeldgasse 16/II

Josef Wachtler - tba
04 October 2019, 14:00, SR PZ2EG034, Inffeldgasse 13

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