Polymers are everywhere in today´s life and find applications in packaging, storage, buildings, agriculture, transportation, mobility, electronics, medicine, energy and many more.

The 14th Polymer Meeting (PM14) in Graz will address all major aspects of polymer science spanning from novel synthetic approaches, the creation of new functional polymers, the characterization of macromolecules and polymers, innovative processing technologies, polymer testing, and polymers@work in many applications, but will also include topics of renewable polymers, recycling and sustainability aspects.

The 14th Polymer Meeting will take place at TU-Graz in autumn 2021 and is the continuation of the very successful three river DVSPM-conference series (Danube-Vlatava-Sava-Polymer meeting) which became one of the most important meetings in polymer science in Central Europe, as well as on the predecessor conferences “Austrian Slovenian Polymer Meetings” and “Advances in Polymer Science & Technology”. However, the origin can be traced back to the Austrian Polymer Meetings, which started 25 years ago in Seggau, very close to Graz.

We invite to join us in September 2021 in Graz and discuss with scientists from industry and academia.

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