Tech Tutorials for Virtual Venues

We are hosting tech tutorials for the virtual venues (Webex, on June 28th, one tutorial at 9:00  (UTC+2) and one tutorial at 18:00 (UTC+2). The virtual venues can be accessed through the link "Browse Conference Agenda" in ConfTool.

Additionally, a manual will be published here in the coming days.

(Update 18th June)

Virtual Venue

The conference will be held online. Talks will be hosted on Webex. Poster sessions, coffee breaks and informal discussions will be hosted on (not, as originally intended). A tutorial on how to use and navigate these tools, including a technical check, will be given before the conference in the week of 20th June to 27th June. There will be two slots (morning and evening, central european time) to accomodate for different international time zones. The exact dates will be announced here in due time.
We will offer live presentations and schedule the conference to account for the different time zones of the participants and speakers. We will additionally offer video recordings of the presentations and arrange additional discussion time slots to the participants in conflicting time zones.

Access to the virtual venues will be provided to registered participants via the Schedule Browser in Conftool

Further details on the virtual venue and access will be given in due time.

About Graz

Graz is the capital of the Austrian province of Styria, which is known as the green heart of Austria. It is the second largest city with a population of about 300,000 and was the European capital of culture in the year 2003. It is a prospering city with many faces, modern on one side with exemplary structures such as the Graz Museum of Contemporary Art or the Island in the Mur, yet cultural on the other due to its rich heritage. The centre was not without reason added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for the harmonious coexistence of buildings of many architectural eras. 


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