The meeting will start at  4 pm on July 24, 2022 and will end on July 29, 2022.

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  • Free Afternoon
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Invited and Plenary Speakers




Tristram Chivers University of Calgary Canada
Robin Fulton Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
Dietrich Gudat University of Stuttgart Germany
Carsten von Hänisch University of Marburg Germany
Johanna Heine University of Marburg Germany
Evamarie Hey-Hawkins Leipzig University Germany
Muriel Hissler University of Rennes 1 France
Nicola Hüsing University of Salzburg Austria
Risto Laitinen University of Oulu Finland
Vladimir Ya. Lee University of Tsukuba Japan  
Charles MacDonald Dalhousie University Canada
Moumita Majumdar Indian Institute of Science Education
and Research (IISER) Pune
Rudolf Pietschnig University of Kassel Germany
Eric Rivard University of Alberta Canada
Ales Ruzicka University of Pardubice  Czech Republic
Masaichi Saito Saitama University Japan
Manfred Scheer Universität Regensburg Germany
David Scheschkewitz Saarland University Germany
Rainer Streubel University of Bonn Germany
Norihiro Tokitoh Kyoto University Japan
Clara Vinas i Texidor                 University of Barcelona Spain
Jan J. Weigand Technische Universität Dresden Germany
Kirill Zaitsev Lomonosov Moscow                   
State University            
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