Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Fuel Cells (AFC TCP), International Energy Agency (IEA)

Created in 1990, the vision of the AFC TCP is to make a significant contribution to addressing the opportunities and barriers to fuel cell commercialization by fostering the development of fuel cell technologies and their application on an international basis and conveying key messages to the community, the International Energy Agency (IEA), policy makers and general public as appropriate. The AFC TCP achieves these goals by sharing recent developments in research, development and deployment in the field of fuel cells with the Energy Technology Network (ETN) and wider audiences including policy makers. This includes dissemination activities of the Executive Committee (ExCo) and by linking activities to national stakeholders (national governments, policy makers, companies and research institutions).


Viktor Hacker

Working Group Fuel Cells and Hydrogen
Graz University of Technology

Representative in IEA AFC TCP
Task 31 and 35 

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Di-Jia (DJ) Liu

Argonne National Laboratory, USA

Annex 31 operating agent under AFC TCP


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Michael Rex

Secreteriat Technology Collaboration Programme on Advanced Fuel Cells