The new Austrian Tunnel Competence Center


ATC2 stands for Austrian Tunnel Competence Center and represents a platform for innovation and know-how transfer in the field of tunnel construction. Besides developments in the field of the traditional sequential excavation method NATM, continuous tunneling as well as special underground construction measures are also dealt with. Special challenges and innovations from deep-lying rock tunneling to urban (shallow) loose rock tunneling are considered.

The ATC2 Symposium replaces the previous Südbahntagung. It was first held on 29.11.2019 at Graz University of Technology on the topic “Major projects under construction on the Southern Railway Line and the Brenner Axis”. On 02.12.2021, the follow-up event was held on the topic “Digital transformation in tunneling” at Montanuniversität Leoben.

The theme for the ATC2 Symposium 2023 is "Shallow tunnels, subway construction". This years Symposium will take place on 01.12.2023 at Graz University of Technology. Further Information is given in the program.

The papers will be printed in the journal “Geomechanics and Tunnelling” and available at the STUVA conference 2023 (8. – 10. November 2023, Munich).

Upcoming ATC² Symposia will take place in Innsbruck (2024), Leoben (2025) and Vienna (2026).

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