Welcome to project IDE@S!

IDE@S - Innovative Data Environment @ Styria is a cooperative project between four Styrian higher education institutions (HEIs) - TU Graz, Karl-Franzens Universität Graz, Medizinische Universität Graz and FH Joanneum - funded by the Government of Styria aiming to develop a regional reference model for the collaborative use of research data. This will foster the cooperation between industry and HEIs in data science, thus strengthening Styria's research and industry position and increasing its visibility throughout Europe.

For an overview of the project, please download the flyer; if you want further information, a more detailed description is available under Projektbeschreibung (in German).

Be a part of the development of the future of data infrastructures and services in Styria!

We welcome opinions and requests from all interested companies, research institutions and public organisations! Please use the contact form to get in touch

Latest news

  • Cooperative sustainable data infrastructure and digital archiving solutions, a workshop on technical infrastructure and services took place online on sept 10th.
  • Workshop on Governance structure of the IDE@S Platform (Wednesday 7th Juli, 16:30-18:30). The team at Med Uni Graz invites Styrian organisations interested in shaping the governance of a data platform to an online workshop (for further information, please contact Daniela Schaar at daniela.schaarnoSpam@medunigraz.at). The different interests and potential roles of partners (both universities and research institutions as well as businesses) will be taken into account to define the governance of IDE@S, considering the current and planned infrastructure and services and data protection and privacy, data sovereignty, other legal aspects, public-private-partnerships and business models. Other important issues to be discussed include:
    • Current status ("IST-Analyse")
    • Demands from stakeholders
    • Decisions on further development (priorisation of investment)
    • Rules of participation
    • Organisation
    • Business model
    • Contribution of partner to costs
  • The "Executive Summary" from Uni Graz' Workshops series to explore the requirements placed by stakeholders to take part in a data exchange platform has now been published---thanks to Christine Malin, Dr Jürgen Fleiß and Prof Stefan Thalmann!
  • TU Graz hosted the fourth workshop around technical infrastructure and services on June 14th, on the specific topic of data standards: their need, how to define them and use them, and their links to other aspects of the design of data exchange platforms. The workshop on Standards towards an active and sustainable data exchange included a discussion from quality managers, technical writers, data management experts and various researchers and users.
  • TU Graz organized a workshop on Secure data management for a cross-organisational data exchange on 12th May 2021 including a discussion from legal experts, IT-experts and various users.
  • IDE@S expands its online presence with two new channels in Twitter and LinkedIn: https://twitter.com/IdeasData und https://www.linkedin.com/company/innovative-data-environment-styria/. We hope this will increase the visibility of the project for all interested!


Dr Miguel Rey Mazón (m.reymazonnoSpam@tugraz.at) Project manager

Institute for Interactive Systems and Data Science (ISDS)

Haus der Digitalisierung, Brockmanngasse 84, 8010 Graz

Tel: +43 (0)316 873 30684

Graz University of Technology