Welcome to Graz BCI Racing Team MIRAGE91!

Group picture of the MIRAGE91 BCI Racing Team at BCI Series 2019.
© Joana Ministro Dos Santos Caldas Pereira

We are a group of students that has as its goal, to develop a system in a team with paraplegic people ("pilots") which enables the pilot to control a computer or videogame with his/her thoughts. We participated in the Cybathlon in 2016 in Zürich, where over 70 teams from all over the world participated as well. The Cybathlon is a competition at the intersection between human and machine. Here, people with disabilities join different competitions supported by machines against other players. We have started in the discipline of "Brain-Computer Interface Race".

We are looking for support and team members!

If you have any interest in working together with us in this adventure, we will gladly contact you. Further info.

Get in touch with us through: bcinoSpam@tugraz.at

A motivated and young group of students, all sorts of fun and some hard work is awaiting you!