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Interview Future of Work at Siemens, 07/2020

Following the HR workshop with students from TU Graz back in November, a virtual exchange with Christian Kabusch, expert for digital transformation at Siemens HR Austria, took place on June 18th. How are we going to collaborate in post-COVID times? According to Kabusch, flexible working arrangements regardless of location and a flattening of hierarchies will play a major role at Siemens. Teamwork will become even more important in the future.

Keynote Dr. Roland Busch, 07/2020

Siemens CTO and deputy CEO Dr. Roland Busch held his first online lecture on July 4th.

As a regular keynote speaker of the Product Innovation course of Prof. Ramsauer (Head of TU Graz´ Institute for Innovation and Industrial Management) as well as in his role as Honorary Senator of TU Graz, Busch talked about “Innovation in a connected world". He presented the Siemens Innovation Ecosystem, which bundles resources and people to foster connected innovation. Busch also emphasized new customer value created by combining the physical and digital worlds. He engaged the dialed-in students into an interesting and lively discussion.

TU Graz at the forefront of digital CKI events, 05/2020

It all started with the CKI Talk on May 27th. Dr. Andreas Kind, Head of Siemens Cybersecurity Technology, held the keynote on “Challenges of Industrial Cybersecurity - A Hack. An Art. A Science". A series of targeted attacks on control systems ten years ago (Stuxnet) was the trigger to sharpen the focus on both IT security and safety at Siemens. Based on various hands-on examples (interlockings, hospitals and power supply systems) Dr. Kind presented solutions to securely connect the components in critical infrastructures to external cloud-based environments. Virtual break-out-sessions and an interactive panel discussion enabled the 70 participants to further discuss the insights. Finally, TU Graz students Lisa Kaiser and David Reiter earned an excellent 2nd place in the Railway Engineering Award 2020 for the outstanding performance of their master thesis, innovative strength and the development of solutions for the rail vehicle world of tomorrow.

Dr. Norbert Gaus und Dr. Michael Weinhold visited TU Graz, 24.01.20

A thematically very extensive day for our guests from Siemens.

Picture above from left to right: Paul Pavetich, Norbert Gaus, Konrad Diwold, Michael Weinhold, Rudolf Pichler, Claudia Windisch, Harald Loos, Christine Schichler

Trends in the energy system and the role of digitalisation, 23.01.20

Many thanks to Dr. Michael Weinhold, CTO of Smart Infrastructure, for his presentation on 23.1. at Graz University of Technology.

Especially the students from the energy technology departments of Prof. Schürhuber and Prof. Schichler had a lot of discussions with Dr. Weinhold afterwards.

TU Graz meets Siemens DI, Nuremberg

Many thanks to Helmut Figalist, Ernst Blank and colleagues who made a very interesting and impressive day at Siemens DI possible for our professors and researchers.

f.l.t.r. Thomas Forgber (RCPE), Denis Helic (TU Graz / Know Center), Kay-Uwe Römer, Horst Bischof, Franz Haas, Christine Schichler (TU Graz), Ernst Blank (Siemens), Konrad Diwold (TU Graz / Pro²Future), Helmut Figalist (Siemens)

Three Inventors of TU Graz from the Siemens class

In appreciation of their inventions Dipl.-Ing. Martin Rieger (l.), Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Dutzler and Dipl.-Ing. Imre Karacsonyi (r)  received the award "Inventor of the TU Graz" on 11.11.2019.

Mr. Diemo Wojik, Head of Engineering at Siemens Mobility GmbH, congratulated the three young scientists on their inventions, which will be used for the bogies in Graz (second from the left).


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